(Em)brace the Fall [Monthly Mix]

Full disclosure: I’m writing this from my wring-every-last-moment-out-of-summer vacation, so I’m certainly not advocating for a post-Labor Day abandonment of what is so clearly (at least if you live in Chicago) the best season. Wear white. Eat watermelon. Listen to summer jams. But. BUT. I feel slightly blasphemous even suggesting this, but even as I’m sitting here thinking out how to perfectly schedule tomorrow’s lineup of beach reading, tennis, and mini golf, a little part of my brain is also daydreaming about brisk mornings and sad folk music.

This mix is meant to be a bridge between two seasons that, to me, have very strong and distinct musical identities. It’s what I’m listening to on the beach, and what I plan to listen to while wandering around the arboretum later this month.

Anyone who’s asked me for a musical recommendation in the last month has received the same reply: MOSES SUMNEY. I’ve written about him once before, but I’m still just so stoked about him and his angel voice. He finally released a second single, and I will get to see him in October when he opens for James Blake. It was a happy coincidence; I already had tickets for the show, and then the opener was announced and I was like HEART EYES EMOJI HEART EYES EMOJI HEART EYES EMOJI.

Bon Iver has a new album coming out, too, and he played it in its entirety at the Eaux Claires festival last month, while also releasing three singles to the general public. I won’t even attempt to type out the name of this one because look at it, but it’s beautiful, duh, and somehow sounds exactly like what you would expect a Bon Iver song to sound like while also pushing that definition so far beyond its previous boundaries. Exactly what a new album should do, in my opinion.

“SOS (Overboard)” is one of those perfect little songs that just makes me smile. Do you like smiling? Do you like sisters who make lovely folk music together? Then you’ll like this song, too.

This month is kind of all about new music, I now realize. Partly because I didn’t make an August mix (TOO BUSY WATCHING THE OLYMPICS SORRY NOT SORRY) and therefore have lots to catch up on, but also because September, and fall in general, is an awesome time for new music. I have at least one new album release of note marked in my calendar for every Friday this month! Wovenhand’s new album, “Golden Blossom,” comes out at the end of this month and HOO BOY hold onto your post-apocalyptic cowboy hats because it’s gonna be a good one, if this eponymous single is any indication.

I have tennis to watch, so I’m gonna cut this off here. There are so many more great songs on this mix, but all you have to do is hit play to find out for yourself!

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