Never Get Old [Monthly Mix]

I have been the big three-oh for almost a month, and like any major milestone, it’s got me thinking. About life. About getting older. About WHAT IT ALL MEANS. And I’m not April foolin’ when I say that a new decade has me more excited than ever about life (hahaha you didn’t think it was possible but JOKE IS ON YOU). It’s pure coincidence, I swear, that so many songs on this month’s mix ended up having something to do with the idea of NOT getting older, and embracing life in the moment. OR IS IT.

“I made a lot of mistakes.” “All things grow.” And hey, my 20s are when I moved to Chicago and for some reason decided to make it my second home. What better way to commemorate the end of my 20s and look ahead than with this newly-released version of Sufjan’s most classic song, “Chicago.” I wanted to ramp the feelings meter up to 11 and just leave it there for the duration.

Age ain’t nothing but a number. And when you’re having this much fun, you definitely need never get old.

Gallant’s falsetto has been a revelation of 2016 for me.

The Bowie covers just keep on comin’. I heard this one on an episode of GIRLS and Lauren and I just kind of sat there unable to move until it was over. Which was partly the episode, and partly the song. But THIS SONG.

One of the highlights of my month was seeing Lucius live at the Metro, just a week after releasing their FANTASTIC new album. They opened their show with this gorgeous number and HOO BOY. If you ever get the chance to seem them live, just pretty pretty please do me a favor and DO IT. I one billion percent guarantee you will not regret it. They are magic.

I would have included a video for “Meticulous Bird” by Thao & The Get Down Stay Down but I couldn’t find a good one. Just go listen. You will be powerless to resist that bass groove. Nothing has made me feel that cool since the last few seconds of the Mad Men theme.

That’s what I got. The lineup of summer Millennium Park movies and concerts have been announced. Pitchfork tickets have been purchased. My houseplants are growing like crazy. Spring is here, and that means jumping back into Life with a capital L with all we’ve got. If these songs don’t help you do that, then I just don’t know what will.



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