Good Times Ahead [Monthly Mix]

I just checked, and it is currently projected to be 67 degrees on my birthday. Next to floating on a lazy river and piano bar-ing in Florida, this is the best possible birthday gift I could receive. Okay, that and Pitchfork tickets  to see Sufjan/Brian Wilson/Beach House/Broken Social Scene/so many more, which was my actual birthday present. So now I can not only spend these last few weeks of winter dreaming of the fun (warm!) times ahead, I can taste them now! As the second song on this mix says, “I know there’s gonna be good times.” A simple message we can all get behind.

March is also a pretty good time for music. “Good Grief,” the sophomore album from a little band called LUCIUS comes out on March 12, and for me that is basically a national holiday. One of their new singles, “Something About You,” is on this mix–so far every one of the (four!) singles they’ve released have more than lived up to every hope and dream I have for this album. Plus this one has a trippy video!

Speaking of girl pop and music festivals, one of the biggest ??? inclusions on the Pitchfork lineup was Carly Rae Jepsen, but when you think about it for like two seconds it becomes a !!! because seriously, can you even imagine the dance party that’s gonna be?

Another album coming out in March (this Friday, actually) is “A Man Alive” from Thao & the Get Down Stay Down. I streamed it yesterday and this is Good. Stuff.

I keep waking up with “Run” by M&O in my head. Seriously, it’s happened like three days in a row now. I simply could not be happier about this explosion of new music that draws heavily from 90’s R&B influences.

Basically whenever I don’t have that song in my head, I have this one. It’s a perfect little song about falling in love with an idea, and moving past it.

If you haven’t hopped on the Leon Bridges train yet, seriously, what are you waiting for? His voice is so smooth, his style so classic, and his songs so powerful.

Okay ONE MORE and then I’ll stop. I had never heard of Julien Baker when I saw her open for TORRES in January but I haven’t stopped listening to her since. She is young young young but one of those artists that you can’t help but be like “she’s wise beyond her years” even though it’s such a cliche because just LISTEN to these songs. The specificity of the moment she sings about is one of the most universal things I’ve ever heard about heartbreak.

Okay that’s it for now. I could keep going because I want to share every single song with you but THAT’S WHY I MADE THIS MIX!

Happy listening, friends, and happy March!


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