There Is Hope For Us Yet [Monthly Mix]

When I was in Portland last weekend, I spent a few solo hours mindlessly wandering in and out of the shops of the Hawthorne district–an hour of exhaustive digging at the biggest vintage store I have ever seen had mentally wiped me out–and found myself planted in front of a display of t-shirts in a design shop/indie record label (because of course). In simple italic lettering, this shirt said, “THERE IS HOPE FOR US YET.”

These simple words were words my soul knew, and also needed to hear. They seemed to reach out to me and say “we see you there, and we understand.” But after a few minutes of wondering what, exactly, was tethering me to this spot in this store in this moment, I very practically convinced myself I didn’t need another $26 cotton tee and shuffled along.

But I couldn’t shake the shirt. I told my friends about it when we reconvened later, and when I got home I Googled the phrase, which led me to the store’s Etsy shop, where they sold the shirt. The listing informed me that it was actually the lyric of a song by one of their record label’s bands. By then the phrase had rattled around in my head for a few days, and had become something of a mantra, so I was scared to listen to the song. What if I hated it?

Miraculously, I didn’t. In fact, I loved it so much I put it on this mix, which I already had in progress, and realized it was the organizing principle, and had been even before I’d heard it.

Many of the songs on this mix are about power, and strength, and confidence, and hope. There are also a lot of new artists and new sounds that make me excited about music all over again. This mix is about looking ahead and believing that, despite all the terrible things in the world and all the pain we’ve experienced and watched others experience, there really is hope for us yet. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Oh, and I bought the shirt.



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