Year of Living Dangerously [Monthly Mix]

Is it possible to write an intro to a January mix without talking about fresh starts and the intoxicating possibilities of a new year? Because we’re all feeling it, right? Like, say I wanted to have some low-stakes hijinks with my best friends and some hilarious randoms all over the city. I COULD. This year is still pretty much a blank slate, and that’s the beauty of it all, my friends. Life is a beautiful gift, and 2016 is just waiting to be unwrapped.

By far my most anticipated musical event this year is the release of Lucius’ new album, Good Grief, which is coming on March 11. If “Born Again Teen,” the first single, is any indication, this album is going to be a real banger. The first time I heard this song I very nearly cried; I was imagining how great it’s going to be live, and I was also so excited that a band I so dearly loved and connected with on their debut album had not only avoided a sophomore slump, but had evolved in a way I love EVEN MORE. This is a rare thing, so rare that I’ve barely allowed myself to hope for it anymore. But Lucius is proving that miracles are possible!

I was feeling bad about posting this playlist late, even though it’s been almost complete for over a week, and then Sufjan went and dropped THIS BOMB and all my guilt has been washed away. This song is exactly what this mix was missing, and now it has been made complete. Gallant opened for Sufjan on his fall tour, and was his collaborator on that amazing “Hotline Bling” cover you probably saw me posting about round about then, and he can SING. Come for the haunting interpretation of devastating lyrics, stay for the RIDONK high notes at the end of the song.

“Hurt Me” is hypnotic. That’s the only explanation for the number of times I have listened to it on repeat. I am really excited to hear more from Låpsley–her debut album is scheduled for release “sometime in early 2016.” Listen to her now and impress all your friends with this great new artist!!

Without further ado…here’s the January 2016 playlist. This has been both pleasant and professional, best of luck in the coming business year!



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