Nights Get Colder [Monthly Mix]

Last night I turned off my air conditioning…and switched it directly to heat. So I guess that means fall is really, officially here. I couldn’t be happier. I’m definitely a “summer” but this year I am ready for something new. I started with my home–I’ve been busy building myself a new space these past few weeks–and now I’m ready to hardcore nest.

The best way I know how to mark the change of seasons is a new mix. I love all my mixes like they are my children, but I have to admit, I’m a little more in love with this one than my standard monthly mix. It’s mostly filled with new songs from old favorites, as well as a few classics that just felt right for this moment. This mix makes me feel ready to embrace the crisp days as they turn ever-faster into chilly nights.

Oh, and one more thing. I did not include any songs from the Broadway smash hit HAMILTON because they wouldn’t make sense out of context and it is very, very important to me that everyone love it as much as I do, so I take very seriously my responsibility to introduce it in such a way that sets everyone up for it in the best possible way. I am sure I will write more about it soon, but consider this my first (unless I have seen you in the past week) recommendation to drop whatever you are listening to and go check it out, like, right now. I have helpfully included the Spotify link below.

Happy October, friends!




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