The First Days of Spring [Monthly Mix]

After an accidental one-month hiatus, our Monthly Mix has returned!

April is a wonderful month. Truly. It’s officially spring now, and even though it’s still pretty cold here in Chicagoland, the nightly lows are (usually) above freezing and that is progress enough to believe again in the promise of change. It’s also the month where our Virginia and San Francisco friends fly into town and we take a few days off to enjoy the city and the annual beer festival that has become one of our favorite traditions. It’s also a month we’re going to start by seeing one of our favorite bands–Typhoon–and end with me introducing Lauren to a new favorite in Leverage Models. (They opened for Son Lux last week and I kind of fell in love, check them out here:)

April is a deep breath. It is a sigh of relief that the worst is behind us and the best stretches far ahead. Even when things look bad to the left of us and to the right of us, we can look at the flower buds, or the returning birds, or the bare ground, and remember that nothing bad lasts forever.

Our songs this month capture that spirit. Happy listening!


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