A Spring In My Step

So what if there is still snow on the ground? Even though I had to scrape off my car this morning, the calendar says it’s now officially spring and that is good enough a reason to celebrate today.

Music is very seasonal for me, and this winter in particular–as long and cold and lonely as it has been–sent me in search of musical comfort food. Which is great, and I’m so happy to have old favorites to keep me warm. But almost as badly as I need sunshine and warmth right now, I needed some new music in my life.

Spring is all about new. Over the last few weeks I have found some new songs and new bands that seemed to anticipate the impending arrival of spring. And now that it’s here, it’s time to share!

These are happy songs. They will make you smile, and quite possibly dance–at the very least, tap your toes.

“Thunder Clatter,” Wild Cub

I just heard this song in the background at a bar on the most recent Brooklyn Nine Nine episode, which I think means they’re “up and coming.” How does someone get the job of picking music for TV shows? I’d like that job, please. Anyway, listen now and you can impress your friends when you hear it at trendy bars over the next few months.

“Land of Gathering,” The Ceremonies

This song sounds like sunshine. The video is so odd, and MTV describes their sound as “’80s New Wave nostalgia meets cutting-edge alternative rock,” but even if that doesn’t sound like your thing I can almost guarantee you this song will make you dream of summer.

“Someone,” We Have Band

This single isn’t even on Spotify yet, which absolutely kills me. But I such a sucker for the island/calypso influence (these guys remind me a lot of Tanlines) and the lyrics of this song are fantastic, too. “Someone’s gonna take you/ you’re ready, you’re ready/ to feel it, to feel it when it makes you.”

“Ashes,” The Belle Brigade

The  Belle Brigade first crossed my radar a few years ago with their fantastic single “Losers” but I hadn’t thought of them much since. When I heard this new single, I was struck by how different it sounded from their previous album, and how excited I was to hear more from them. It’s definitely following the percussive, harmonic trends I have been loving so much.

“Spinning Signs,” Painted Palms

Do you like The Beach Boys? Congratulations, you’re a human being! You will probably also like this song. It’s basically what The Beach Boys would be if they were making (new, good) music today.

BONUS TRACK: “Water Fountain,” tUnE-yArDs

The first single off their upcoming album Nikki Nack, “Water Fountain” is PURE JOY. I really loved W H O K I L L, but this shot my expectations for the follow-up even higher. They’re playing Pitchfork this July and I CAN. NOT. WAIT.


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