The Lovely Ladies of the Golden Globes

I’ve had a serious post in the “drafts” folder for about a week now, but working on that takes a lot of emotional energy, so today I’m writing (and I use the word “writing” in the loosest sense) about… DRESSES.

After watching the US women’s figure skating championships last night, I dreamt about how I can incorporate more gemstones and flowing fabrics into my life. So, in honor of the Golden Globes, which take place tonight, I present my favorite Golden Globes dresses of all time. My real, honest list would consist simply of pictures of Charlize Theron, but in the interest of inclusiveness, I’ve branched out beyond Charlize, the queen of all award shows.

Please note that, although the Golden Globes have been going on for a long time, it’s difficult to find red carpet photos from before the 90s, so most of my choices come from the past 20 years.

Gwyneth Paltrow (1999)

I love the high-low combination of a big, fancy, probably very expensive skirt with a simple, casual top, so I love this look from Gwyneth Paltrow from the 1999 show:

gg gwyneth

Kate Hudson (2003)

Kate looks sunny and happy in every red carpet appearance. So many women at award shows look too rigid and perfect, and I love that she always looks casual and carefree.

gg kate

Charlize Theron (2004)

As I’ve mentioned… Charlize always looks incredible. But I especially love this girly, sweet dress from 2004.

gg charlize 1


She won the award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture that year, for a movie in which she looked like this, proving that Hollywood truly is magical:

gg char 2

Nicole Kidman (2005)

Nicole Kidman is tall, very thin, has porelain skin, and rarely looks like she’s enjoying herself, which means she basically looks like a runway model and can therefore wear anything. But just because you can wear anything doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Sometimes, someone – maybe a stylist – should be like, “Nicole, you look amazing in that dress but it’s ugly and weird so maybe let’s try on something else before you walk out the door?” But sometimes, she gets it right.

gg nicole 2005

Naomi Watts (2007)

Naomi is the most famous forgettable actress I can think of. She’s gorgeous, but she has such a nondescript face that I feel like I wouldn’t recognize her if I saw her walking down the street. Yesterday I was trying to explain to someone who Liev Schreiber is, and I couldn’t remember any movies he’s been in, so I said “he’s with Naomi Watts” and then I couldn’t remember any movies she’s been in either. So, basically, Naomi and Liev – they’re at every award show but nobody knows why, but I’m glad they are, because she always looks great.

gg naomi


Drew Barrymore (2009)

I absolutely love this look from Drew. The color and shape, the crazy blonde bouffant hair – it’s all so glamorous and fun.

gg drew

Marion Cotillard (2010)

I mean, when does this woman NOT look amazing? This dress could look trashy on a lesser woman, but Marion makes it look elegant and sexy.

gg marion

Olivia Wilde (2011)

It’s like a really, really expensive prom dress.

gg olivia

Emma Stone (2011)

I’m normally like, “ughhh WHY” when a natural redhead dyes her hair blonde, but Emma Stone combines it with a simple, clean, stunning peach dress – and it works so well.

gg emma

Charlize Theron (2011)

Charlize in Dior. The prettiest ever. No one else should even try.

gg char 3

Sarah Michelle Gellar (2012)

Apparently, Sarah’s (Sarah Michelle’s?) young daughter picked out this dress for her, and it shows. But you know what? Why not? Some actresses take these shows so seriously, but really, the folks at home just want to see people playing dress up.

gg sarah m

There you have it.

Who will be the best dressed of 2014? My money’s on Carey Mulligan. What do you think?


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