November is Here! [Monthly Mix]

October has come and gone.

Did you pick apples, drink cider and eat warm donuts on a farm, sit around a campfire wearing flannel, watch the World Series, and wish me a happy birthday?

If not, too bad! It’s too late. October’s over. (although I’m still accepting birthday gifts)

BUT! November is here, which means you have ample time to drink hot chocolate, listen to Christmas music, shop, decorate, bake pies and cookies, take that vacation time you’ve been saving up, and watch football and basketball.

And Laura and I both have a pretty good feeling about November (and it’s not just because I’m going to see ELTON EFFING JOHN THIS MONTH!). We can just FEEL it. It’s gonna be good.

October was a month full of challenges, self-pity, apprehension about trusting God fully, and eating too much food, but it ended with my 27th birthday, which is always a great time to leave the crappy stuff behind and get excited about a clean slate. Normally, I make big sweeping goals for each new year, but this year, I decided on some pretty simple ones:

be happier! cast off dumb fears and enjoy each dang day God lets me live! get excited for new things! stop being weighed down by stuff, because really, i’m a middle-class white woman in america and life just isn’t as bad, lauren, you fool!

So, November means newness, excitement, anticipation, and hopefully less food (except for Thanksgiving).

And with that, we present our November tunes, from our hearts to your ears.


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