Pumpkin Blood [Monthly Mix]

Sorry for the disgusting post title. But one of the songs on our October mix is called “Pumpin Blood” and every time I see it I think it actually says Pumpkin Blood, which is gross but also kind of funny and pretty fitting for October, a month wherein we carve up pumpkins with very sharp knives.

It’s only three days into October so far and already it’s been a great month for music, with more greatness to come. Just this week, Haim FINALLY released their debut album, and you’ll find a new single off that one here. Dr. Dog also released a new album that’s leading off the mix, and JT completed his 20/20 Collection with Part 2. Lorde’s first full-length, Heroine, also came out this week, and absolutely crushed her first US TV performance, on Jimmy Fallon. And then Pentatonix released a cover of “Royals,” (which I will remind readers we’ve been talking about since at least June) that is so good I have no choice but to share it here:

And we’re now less than two weeks away from the debut of Lucius’ Wildewoman! I actually preordered the vinyl of that one–I have only ever preordered Sufjan albums in my life. That should tell you how excited I am about that one. And lest ANYONE forgot…Arcade Fire. Reflektor. October 29th. After watching their post-SNL freakshow, I’m counting the days.

It’s also Lauren’s birthday month, so we’re pretty excited about that. I mean this as a collective we, including Lauren and me and all of you, our beloved readers. So maybe if you see her around the end of the month, wish her a great one. Or leave her a birthday comment!

So friends, without further ado….the soundtrack to your October.


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