How I feel about Breaking Bad: A journey through gifs

Note: it goes without saying, there are major, major spoilers ahead.

When I start talking to someone about Breaking Bad and they say they don’t watch it:

When someone tells me they tried watching, but couldn’t get into it:

When someone asks me if it lives up to the hype:

On Monday, when someone says they’re not caught up on Breaking Bad so I can’t talk to them about it:

When it’s Breaking Bad day:

When I realize that I’ve been feeling weird all day, and it’s because of what happened on the show:

Whats wrong with me

When each episode ends and I realize there’s one less episode until the end of the series:

When Hank died:

When Walt gave Jesse’s hiding place away:

When Skylar picked up the knife:

When Walt took baby Holly:

Reaction GIF: no, scream, horrified, Will Ferrell, Elf

When Walt Jr. (sweet lamb) jumped in front of his mom to protect her:

When the “next week on Breaking Bad” teasers don’t show any new footage:

When I think about what I’m going to get excited about in life, after the finale airs:

Can you relate? (please say yes so I don’t feel like a weirdo)


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