June, Glorious June [Monthly Mix]

It’s that perfect time of year, that brief window in Chicago when the mosquitoes aren’t too terrible, the heat hasn’t worn us down, the days are still getting longer, and the promise of summer stretches endlessly before us.

It’s June. That also means it’s time for a new mix. While assembling this month’s collection of songs, I was surprised by how laid-back the whole thing feels. It’s summer, so I thought we’d end up with something dancey and light. And there is some of that, certainly. But I imagine myself listening to this mix on a hammock in the shade, drifting in and out of a light nap. I don’t have a hammock, or even know where to find one, or have a place to hang it if I did manage to find one, but I’m not letting that kill my daydream. So join me as we relax and revel in our reward for making it through another long, cold, lonely winter.


One thought on “June, Glorious June [Monthly Mix]

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