Doing Summer Right

It’s the first week of June. Holy crap, you guys. We made it!

(I feel like I start almost every blog post by talking about the weather – and I apologize. I just have so many feelings about seasons.)

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve written, and I’m sorry I dropped off for a while there, because I know you really missed my random collections of thoughts. And by “you,” I mean my husband, who was like, “you gotta start writing again, you lazy bum.” Life was busy, work was busy, I was/am sick. Also, sometimes I’m just really lazy, so somebody kick my butt and tell me to get my life together again!

But anyway, now it’s June and I’m filled with a new sense of vigor and over-ambitiousness. And when I say, vigor, I. Mean. Vigor. I’m considering signing up for a marathon, which is probably the dumbest idea I can think of, but I might do it anyway, because I have an excellent habit of not fully thinking things through before committing to them. Responsible adult, right here. I think I’m gonna do it, potential stress fractures and shin splints be damned! Kidding. Kind of.

Although this time of year makes me sad, because I’m jealous of the carefree teens roaming the streets (I know – it’s pathetic to be jealous of teenagers, and yet, here I am), there’s something about June that makes me feel so content. I know all the great things that lay ahead – 4th of July celebrations, going downtown without having to bring a jacket, happy times in northern Michigan which is where summers are meant to be spent.

For some, summer officially starts on Memorial Day weekend. Well, I spent Memorial Day weekend in the snow in Vermont, so that didn’t feel very summery to me. Even as a Midwesterner accustomed to cold weather, I was like, “what in the fresh hell is this?”

                           Vermont, you can’t be serious.

For some, summer officially starts when the school year ends. Well kids, they don’t give you summer breaks in the real world.

For some, summer officially starts when it gets hot and sunny. Well, it can randomly get hot in March, and randomly get cold in July, so that’s not the best measure, either.

Nope, for me, summer starts when… (confession time) there are no new TV shows to watch on week nights.

Whew, that felt good – and also slightly embarrassing – to get that out. I’m such a loser! I know! How sad is it, that my social life revolves around TV? So sad.

This week, I realized all the shows I generally watch are over for the season (or forever!) – The Office, Modern Family, Parks & Rec, Mindy… I know longer feel compelled to plan my evenings around TV shows, and although I will deeply miss new episodes of Mindy, I’m feeling a deep conviction in my soul to get my butt off the couch and go enjoy summertime. I mean, something in me is really saying, TURN OFF THE TV.

This summer, I want to spend more evenings outside. I want to:

  • Ride my bike.
  • Go for long walks, for the sake of getting exercise.
  • Go for long walks, for the sake of getting Dairy Queen.
  • Go on long runs. Runs that are disproportionately long to my level of physical fitness, and that make my legs hurt the next day.
  • Sit outside with friends and beers, from 5:30 to 11. Just because it’s nice outside, and we can.
  • Find fun outdoorsy things to do, which is actually a pretty challenging feat considering I live in the suburbs.
  • Go to outdoor concerts.
  • Go to the neighborhood pool after work and swim while the sun is setting.
  • Stop spending all day and all night by the glow of my computer/phone/TV (until Breaking Bad comes back on).

This year, I want to embrace summer like I used to when I was a kid. While also working full-time, of course.

Besides listening to our awesome June playlist, what do YOU want to do this summer?


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