Arrested Development is Going to Be Good

We are now less than TWO WEEKS away from AD-Day and I don’t know about you but I’m at fever pitch. Of course I’d be excited for any new Arrested Development, but as we have inched closer toward the actual day I had begun to worry: what if the new series doesn’t live up to the ridiculously, impossibly high expectations set by the perfection that is the original run? The first series of promotional posters had me worried that season 4 might rely too heavily on old jokes and callbacks. And I’ll be honest, the whole Bluth banana stand publicity tour  felt a little too on-the-nose for my liking (even if all the bananas are appropriately priced at $10). Who was in charge of marketing? Did they really understand what  made Arrested Development so great in the first place? The specific brand of humor, layering irony over slapstick over wordplay over hard-earned, character-based reactions? Part of what’s so great about AD is having to earn the payoff by careful attention and obsessive rewatching (to be fair, this is also what doomed it).

But then came the trailer…

It does callback some jokes from the original, sure, but it does so in ways that does not rely solely on the reference but builds the joke out in fresh ways, as the old series did so well. And it’s difficult to judge 14 episodes of TV on a 1:30 minute trailer, but from what I can tell the tone feels a little different–this is a good thing, as it allows the original series to stand as its own piece of untouchable perfection.

And then today a true gem arrived in the form of a Reddit post from a user named “BLUMN”:

Greetings, members of Reddit!

I’m hoping you can help me with a bit of a sticky mess – I’ve been trying to reach Director James Cameron of The Avatar with my newest demo reel. Knowing he is a very technology-focused auteur, I went to the trouble of creating a series of green-screen audition videos that he can simply insert into any of his movies with little to no friction.

However, I haven’t heard back. And I’m desperate to get in bed with a hot director like him, so I was wondering if you could help me spread the word. For your consideration:

The website includes a “sizzle reel” for the Bluth family’s resident aspiring actor, capturing characters such as “Average Fellow,” “Cowpoke,” “Big Man on Campus,” and “Motorcycle Ruffian,” each captured on green screen to allow James Cameron (and presumably, fans) to superimpose Tobias into any projects for which they may find his characters suitable.

And on top of this new site, user info show that “BLUMN” has been commenting unnoticed for weeks, proving that someone at Netflix really gets not only the project but the audience.

It’s amazing and perfect and exactly everything I love about Arrested Development. I am no longer worried about a downturn in quality for season 4. If anything, it’s a show that is finally arriving in the era in which it was always meant to exist.


3 thoughts on “Arrested Development is Going to Be Good

  1. Love the Tobias stuff! Hadn’t seen that yet! Pretty sure we might need to watch one or two episodes on the retreat.

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