Music Week Continues…

It’s been a very musical week here at Cult of Clair.

Yesterday, we lost our collective Cult of Clair minds over the news that the Civil Wars are releasing a new album.

We did this:

And then yesterday, we shared our May playlist, which is probably our best playlist so far, if I do say so myself.

Tonight, we’re heading into the city to see Lucius, a cute little band who deserves the descriptors “cute” and “little” because you just want to squeeze their cheeks. This will be the second time we see them live, so when they get really famous in a year, we can be like, “oh yeah, I saw them twice when they weren’t famous… whatever.” Which is a great reason to start liking a band, right?

They have a great sound, but I also love them because they feature two female lead singers who dress alike in cute 60s-ish outfits and wear huge bows on their heads, and I just wish I could dress like them in real life. Again, I like bands for all the right reasons.

This morning, I was telling Dave that I was going to a concert tonight, and we had the following exchange. Disclaimer: I like bands that play shows for $15/ticket and play in some little bar (and also Elton John and JT, I guess…) – while Dave has no interest in those shows, but will fly to L.A. to see Rage Against the Machine. So, our musical tastes are a smidge different.

Me: I’m going to a show tonight, just so you know.

Dave: What dumb band are you seeing?

Me: Lucius.

Dave: Exactly. And you’re going with Laura?

Me: Of course.

So, if you’re a Lauren, you’d love Lucius (congratulations). If you’re a Dave (there are only two possible people you can be in this scenario – eeek!), if you were forced to listen to them, you’d be like:

But guys, they’re good. Because I say so. If you’re in Chicago tonight, head to Schuba’s to see the show. If you’re not, watch and enjoy this:


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