My Heart Is So Full [Monthly Mix]

It’s a new month, and that means a new mix! As Lauren mentioned yesterday, we spent the last week enjoying the very best of life with some of our best friends and though it is so, so difficult to readjust to “normal” after such an intensely amazing long weekend, the arrival of May–and of sunshine!–has eased the transition. A lot. I have worn sundresses two days in a row, and tonight I am DEFINITELY eating dinner on an outdoor patio with friends. Life is good.

Do you have songs that make your heart hurt? Because they remind you of such good memories that it pains you to remember that you can’t live those moments again? It’s the best kind of hurt. I believe Don Draper calls it nostalgia. I am extremely lucky to have a whole bunch of songs like that. One of them is “Africa” by Toto. We went to a piano bar this weekend and requested it and got to attach one more memory to a growing list that I revisit more often than is probably healthy. But I once read that you should live life like you’re hearing you’re favorite song and this has become one of them–I feel life a little more intensely whenever I heard Toto ask God to bless those rains.

This month’s theme is simple: songs we like right now. They’re pretty much all upbeat, summery songs, because right now we’re feeling pretty upbeat and summery. After you listen to this mix, you will too.


One thought on “My Heart Is So Full [Monthly Mix]

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