May is coming…

Tomorrow. Is. May.

I have but mere hours until my Seasonal Affective Disorder is gone (that’s how it works, right?).

I used to measure my years by Mays, because May meant I was leaving something behind and moving on to something else. I’m a very cyclical person, and that lifestyle really suited me. Now, though, I’m 26, and May is just whatever. No big life changes. Just much-needed warmer temps.

SIGH! This could turn into a much longer post about my emotional state, but I won’t let it. Instead, tonight, while scrolling through Twitter, I was reminded of some extremely exciting news that everyone must know:

Joy Williams of The Civil Wars confirmed, via Twitter: “For those asking: Yes, there will be an announcement made tomorrow from @thecivilwars as promised. #may1

For those of you who don’t know who The Civil Wars are, feel free to google them – the search results are surprisingly mostly about them, even though you’d expect them to be more about, you know, actual civil wars.

Although actual civil wars are tragic and terrible, the band is the complete opposite: beautiful and amazing. They broke up last fall due to “internal discord” which I PRAYED wasn’t legal lingo for “an affair” because they’re too good to be broken up.

But tomorrow, they’re making a surprise announcement! The only acceptable announcement (in the opinion of this rabid fan) is that they’re getting back together and going on tour. My wallet would be sad, but my heart would be oh-so-happy.

Watch this, and say a prayer tonight, that tomorrow’s announcement will be a tour.


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