Just a typical conversation on gchat…

                   one of the bonus tracks on the target edition
me:  cool!!!
           that’s freaky
Laura:  i know!!!
me:  sick
Laura:  lololol
me:  like what if you were jessica biel?
            i’d be like, thanks for sharing that with everyone, you freaky
Laura:  haha
                 well he does say something about dentures?
                 so maybe it’s not her?
                 that threw me
me:  dentures?!
Laura:  wait never mind
                 one lyrics sheet said he said that
me:  hahahahahaha
Laura:  this other one says “dinches”
me:  buhscuze me
Laura:  which i also don’t know what that means
                  but it seems more likely than dentures
me:  hahahha
           can i please share this convo on cult of clair…

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