It’s April! Get excited.

April should be one of the best months of the year – if you live in the midwest, that is. After months of cold, April generally gets a little bit warmer, and brighter, and you start to remember why you still live here.

Unfortunately, April kicks off in the worst way possible, with April Fools Day.

Last night as I was checking out at Walgreen’s, the guy asked me if I had managed to avoid pranks all day, and I realized, yes I had. And it was a great feeling! Until he asked me, I hadn’t realized how annoying I think April Fools Day is, so I’m quite thankful I didn’t have to deal with any stupid pranks all day.

But today is April 2. It’s spring! (kind of .) The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and it’s going to be a great month.

Here’s a few things to look forward to this month:

– If Kevin Ware’s injury didn’t completely ruin the sport of basketball for you, you’ll enjoy watching the Final Four this weekend. Don’t worry – I won’t link to any news story about this, because I’m still too afraid to google anything related to the NCAA for fear that I’ll see that gruesome image. That leg! I will never get it out of my brain, in the same way that I’ll never get the image of the ankles in “Misery” out of my head. Why do I watch things?! Anyway, even though it’s now April, March Madness is still happening, so tune in this weekend to find out which team becomes the national champion. Personally – even though I’m from Michigan – I don’t know if I can resist rooting for Louisville because, doesn’t Kevin deserve it?

– This Sunday night, it’s the return of everyone’s favorite drama that you’re not sure why you like because it’s so depressing – Mad Men. Will Don’s marriage last through the whole season? What shenanigans will growing Sally Draper get into? Why do I keep watching this show even though it makes me sad? Make yourself a mint gimlet, turn on AMC, and find the answers to these questions:

– This is your friendly reminder that you now have less than two weeks to file your taxes. When did this become a personal finance blog? We don’t know. But seriously, if you haven’t done this yet, what are you waiting for? You’re going to get some of your hard-earned money back, so get excited. Or, you’re going to owe money, in which case, OK – I see why you haven’t filed yet…

Are you excited for April yet? If not, listen to our April mix and get ready for a great month.


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