Anything Could Happen in April [Monthly Mix]

A new month means a new mix–we’re sure that you, like us, have by now worn out the Cult of Clair March Mix and are itching for a soundtrack to your spring. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with another playlist full of tunes to get you dancin’ and singin’ and quite possibly huggin’ and cryin’ with your best friends.

April is a fantastic month. The flowers and trees will bloom any day now, I’m sure. The days are getting longer, baseball is here, and the idea of open-toed shoes is no longer a farce. And to me and Lauren, April means something extra special: at the end of this month, we have friends coming in from all over the country for a few days of Chicago fun and a beer festival! We’ve been counting down for months and it’s finally in sight.

Have you ever just waited and waited for something and it felt like it would never come? And then it did? And it not only lived up to your incredibly inflated expectations, it exceeded them in ways you never could have imagined? That’s what this month’s mix is about. It’s dedicated to amazing times with amazing friends. So gout and make some memories this April. Anything could happen!


One thought on “Anything Could Happen in April [Monthly Mix]

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