A Good Friday

It’s Good Friday and my family is here and the weather is beautiful and I have the day off work (the perks of working for a Christian nonprofit!) so today, on the day we remember Jesus Christ’s death on the cross, I leave you with a few artifacts to focus your mind on this first day of Easter Weekend:

“He Never Said a Mumblin’ Word” by The Welcome Wagon/Bifrost Arts

“Way of Sorrow” by (my amazingly talented friends) The McMakens

Why a Wheaton College Professor Smeared Jesus in Human Dirt

Interview with art professor David Hooker, on his new work Corpus, in which “he collected the hair, skin cells, nail clippings, and other ephemera vacuumed up in the dorms of Wheaton College, then has ritually applied it to a 5-foot-tall corpus of Christ that he bought for $4,000 from a vestments company that resells de-commissioned vestments from churches.”

Because He is Faithful

In my day job I sometimes write, too. Here’s a blog post I wrote for Today’s Christian Woman on approaching Easter in a season of doubt.


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