March to THIS beat.

Happy March, y’all!

Yeah, that’s right. I can say “y’all” even though I live in a place that is so, so Midwestern that the lady behind me in Starbucks ordered a Frappuccino on this snowy, cold morning.

To kick your month off in style, Cult of Clair presents your March playlist.

March is that weird month where you start to get excited about the arrival of spring, but you also realize you’ve got a lot of winter left. It’s a tough month, people! That’s why St. Patrick’s Day is in the middle of it – so you can drink your way through it. Seriously, that’s the history of that holiday. Look it up.

So, the theme of this month’s playlist is, “Spring, where are you? Come soon! Is that a bird I hear chirping? Oh, nope. Just a snow plow. But maybe the birds are coming soon?”

Listen and enjoy.


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