2013 Goals: one seventh down, six sevenths to go.

If you’ve been a Cult of Clair reader since January, you may recall that, at the beginning of the year, I posted goals for the first seven weeks of 2013. If you don’t remember, then I’ll pull an Ann M. Martin and quickly recap my goals strategy for the year.

Since the year breaks down into seven periods of seven weeks, I made goals for seven different areas of life. After each seven week period, I’ll review my goals, feel great/terrible about myself, and then either keep my old goals or make new goals for the next seven week period.

Since today marks the last day of the first period, I thought I’d share how I did (so-so), and share my goals for the next seven week period.

I’ll be honest: when I considered writing this post today, I almost didn’t want to. I wanted to just ignore the fact that I made goals last month, like most people do in February, because I failed so miserably in certain categories. But, I’m going to share anyway! If I feel shame, maybe it’ll motivate me to do better next time.

In every category below, I’ll share how I did on my past goals (in italics), and then add my new goals for the next seven weeks:


  • Stick to my budget (you don’t want to hear all the details of my budget. just know that I have one and it’s going to suck because I’m trying to be a responsible adult this year) – I did this! Mostly!
  • Don’t buy any clothes (not even a tank top on clearance at Target for $3, even though I’ll really want to do this about 8 times) – I was so close to completing this goal! But then, last Friday night, I’d had a really long week and decided I wanted a new shirt… 
  • NEW GOALS: I’ll keep the goal of sticking to my budget, and add the goal of not eating out alone.


  • Work out 5 days per week – I did this most weeks.
  • Limit myself to 2 drinks per week (which is probably a normal amount to drink? I was going to try to make January a Drynuary but then I remembered Kalamazoo Beer Week and decided… no.) – No comment.
  • NEW GOALS: I recently bought a Groupon for two months of unlimited hot yoga, so my new goal is to get my money’s worth out of that and go at least 4 times per week. Also, record everything I eat in a food journal.


  • Return texts and phone calls the same day (for a phone-call hater like myself, this one will be challenging. also, please don’t call me during these 52 days.) – You guys…. I tried. I REALLY DID! For the first 5 weeks, I returned every text or call the same day. And then I struggled.
  • NEW GOAL: I’m going to keep that goal for the next seven weeks.


  • Read one book a week (just gonna be honest right now and say I’m definitely going to fail this one BUT I’M GOING TO TRY, STARTING TONIGHT!) – If I had stopped after “read one book,” then I would’ve successfully completed this goal. Unfortunately, I added the words “a week,” so, yeah, I failed this one pretty hard.
  • NEW GOAL: Actually, I’m going to keep this goal. I think I can actually do it this time… I think.


  • Get my inbox down to zero every Friday afternoon – Nope. Not once. 
  • Establish goals for the year (yes, my goal is to establish goals…) – I did this! 
  • NEW GOAL: Leave work every day feeling like I did my best. Yes, I know it’s subjective, but I think it’s a good goal.


  • Still trying to pick a good goal for this category. TBD. – I did end up picking a goal for this category, and I did complete it successfully.
  • NEW GOAL: Same as the old goal. Vague, I know.


  • Every morning when I wake up, spend time actively trying to listen to God (and trying to figure out exactly what that means) BEFORE I begin my usual morning cycle of email/facebook/twitter/instagram/”ughh what should I google so I don’t have to get out of bed yet”/finally get out of bed – Cult of Clair readers, is this a safe place to admit how insanely hard that goal was? So hard. Why is it so hard? WHY. I HATE MY IPHONE WHY DID I EVER GET ONE.
  • NEW GOAL: I’m going to keep that goal, but to make life a little easier on myself, I’m going to delete Facebook and Twitter from my phone for the next seven weeks because I literally think I’m addicted to them, and it’s time to detox.

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