Hunks of Burning Love

I’ve only watched one episode of The Bachelor/ette and though I didn’t feel motivated to continue, I totally understand why so many people seem to like it. Dating can be weird and confusing and difficult and no one really knows how to do it well (or maybe that’s just me?). Watching other people fumble through the process, or at least a manipulated and heightened version of it, and make the same mistakes we’ve made or considered making can be therapeutic and even instructive. And, of course, hilarious.

But really, when it comes down to it, who can actually relate to a woman (or man) simultaneously dating dozens of potential suitors who all live in the same house and literally compete for time, attention, and dates? Maybe Hugh Hefner. But for the rest of us, it’s just too ridiculous to relate to anything resembling actual life experiences. And as the seasons continue to drag on and contestants have realized that if they make it far enough they might be able to make money selling baby pictures to tabloid magazines, it has practically become a parody of itself.

That’s why Burning Love, a Yahoo! web series parodying the genre, is so perfect. Whether you’re a crazy Bachelor/ette superfan or you’ve never seen an episode, I guarantee it will make you laugh. June Diane Raphael plays Julie, a clearly emotionally damaged castoff from the first season who’s back for her chance at true love. And the cast of bachelors is loaded with nerd comedy stars: Michael Cera as The Intellectual One, Adam Scott as The Former Therapist (in season one he was the bachelor’s unlicensed therapist), Adam Brody as The Jewish One, Nick Kroll as The Drunk One, Colin Hanks as The Classy One, Jerry O’Connell (whose real-life brother was actually a contestant on one of the seasons of The Bachelorette, I am told) as The Good Guy, and most every guy who’s been in anything from The State/Party Down.

The second season premiered today, and the first two episodes are available at

This concludes our unofficial “Love Week” at Cult of Clair. I hope this week you’ve celebrated love, laughed at it, maybe even learned to love a little better. Don’t worry, on Monday we return to our regularly scheduled programming. But until then…share the love!


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