The Grammys: My Favorite Photos

I watched the Grammys last night, and it left me wondering if anyone has ever taken this show seriously. Sure, they celebrated some genuinely great artists, but how can a show hosted by LL Cool J really expect to be taken seriously?

From massive amounts of side-boob/under-boob/lotsa-boob, to a Bob Marley tribute that wasn’t really about Bob Marley at all, you got the feeling that the producers weren’t too concerned with this show making any sense at all.

The following photos show a few of my favorite moments from the show – and a few backstage moments I wish had been a part of the actual show.

Jay-Z, just doing whatever he wants.

jayz drinks

I mean, how could you NOT stare at them.

Portia de Rossi, Ellen DeGeneres, Katy Perry, Grammys

More Ellen and Portia. This time, with Kelly Clarkson aka my future BFF.

gty ellen degeneres portia de rossi kelly clarkson ssmain lpl 130211 wblog Kelly Clarkson Photobombs Ellen DeGeneres at Grammys

Geez, Ellen took so many great photos last night.

Am I the only person who loved this performance? I mean, I still don’t totally “get” Frank Ocean, but this performance was so original and fun to watch.

Adele (presumably) yelling at Chris Brown for being the worst.

Oh, Beyonce. You’re so coy.

SNEAK PEEK photo | Beyonce Knowles

Alicia Keys’ shoe choices.

And of course… this guy.


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