Love Will Keep Us Together (Or Tear Us Apart) – February Mix!

It’s February! Which means a few things…first, we made it through January! We still have a few months of winter to go, at least here in Chicago, but the worst is over.

It also means we’re only two weeks away from Valentine’s Day! For our February mix, we decided to pick songs for V-Day–cliché, we know, but we thought it would be fun to contrast our different approaches to the holiday, as a married woman and a single lady.

The first half of these things represent what Valentine’s Day means to me (Laura). I’ve never had a romantic February 14th and you know what, that’s TOTALLY FINE! My songs are all about girl power and independent ladies, with some unrequited love and scorned lovers to keep it real.

Lauren, on the other hand, is very happily married to a cool dude and picked her favorite cheesy love songs to round out the mix.

We hope you totally dig our February mix, which we have titled, “Love Will Keep Us Together (Or Tear Us Apart)”–prepare to have your mind blown by our transition from the first half of the mix to the second. This mix might be our masterpiece.


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