I’m on your team

This weekend, Laura and I were discussing our respective emotional states, because that’s often what I need to do at the end of a long week.

I was telling her about how the past week or so has been really tiring and emotional for me, and it occurred to me that it’d been a long time since I last cried. I mean, sure, I tear up every time I watch Pitch Perfect and Anna Kendrick’s character starts singing “Don’t You Forget About Me,” because I’m not a ROBOT, for goodness sake! But other than that, it’s been a long time since I last had a good cry.

This is a relatively new thing for me, because I used to cry A LOT. Not always because of any particular thing – it was just how I dealt with stress, I think. Every few weeks, I’d just have a good cry, and then I’d feel a lot better.

I vividly remember when Dave and I started dating, and one day I just started crying, and he was like, “umm? Is this because of me?” and I was like, “I just need to cry!” and he was like, “OK…” and he was probably confused, but I was like, “yeah… I can’t explain this, so, yeah.”

But anyway. The interesting thing about that little anecdote is that, in the past couple of years, I sort of stopped my habit of having a regular cry. I’m not totally sure why, but my two hypotheses are either that people just change the way they react to life, or that adulthood has hardened me. I hope it’s the former.

Anyway, on Saturday night, I went to see Zero Dark Thirty (which, if you haven’t seen it, you must. MUST.) and teared up multiple times. I also cried a few legit tears during the preview for the new Jackie Robinson biopic “42,” which either means I’m super hormonal or somebody is REALLY GOOD at making movie trailers. Maybe both?

Then today at work, one of my awesome coworkers sent me a link to this video. I didn’t get a chance to watch it until tonight, which ended up being a good thing, because, yikes. Nobody likes to see a 20-something woman cry in the office. It’s just unbecoming. (I mean, I’ve done it, in the office bathroom… but I like to avoid it at all costs.)

The video is A Pep Talk from Kid President, and you may have seen it floating around the blogosphere (spheres?) today, but if you haven’t you seriously need to watch it.

The premise is that everyone needs a pep talk… everyone needs to be encouraged sometimes. As connected as our lives are, and as many people as we encounter during the day, it’s so easy to feel alone, and like what you’re doing doesn’t really matter. Or that you can’t do something that matters. Or that what you’re doing isn’t good enough. Or that we’re all working against each other, or at least, working separately.

But today, I needed a cool little kid to encourage me with his pep talk.

He says, “… aren’t we all on the same team? I mean, really, right? I’m on your team. Be on my team.”

And those are the coolest words I’ve heard in a while. Because when you’re feeling tired and lonely and run-down, it’s natural to feel like other people and other forces are against you. And that probably isn’t typically true, but it feels that way.

But it’s so comforting and awesome to realize that we’re not competing against each other – we’re living WITH each other. That might be really obvious, but I’m dense, and it really helps to have a little kid yell it at me.

Those words – “I’m on your team. Be on my team.” – are so powerful, and they made my tired/confused/weary self cry tonight, because I needed to hear that we are all on the same team. And that life is so much better when we act like that. It was a good reminder to me that life is hard, but that’s OK. We have opportunities every day to make our lives – and the lives of our friends, families, and even strangers – awesome.

If you haven’t had your daily/monthly/yearly cry yet, you’re welcome.


2 thoughts on “I’m on your team

  1. I’m going to watch this video but not in my office because I feel like I also never cry anymore and I also used to cry like all the time because it’s just how I would release everything, I guess, and every time I feel like I can FINALLY cry, it’s in my office and I just can’t let that happen.

    And, I definitely teared up in the Jackie Robinson trailer. For real. And, did you like Zero Dark Thirty?!?!?!

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