Beyonce vs. Whitney: Who Is Our Star-Spangled Queen?

I’m still reeling from Monday’s inauguration. And by that I mean, I’m still reeling from Beyonce’s spectacular performance of our National Anthem.

The big news today was that Queen Bey did not perform live but rather lip-synched to a prerecorded track. Apparently some people took this news with crushing disappointment. When it comes to Beyonce-gate 2013, I think Anderson Cooper said it best: ““I respond with a big star-spangled so what?” Cooper said. “As far as I’m concerned, it is Beyoncé’s world and we are just living in it.”

Let’s just take one more look at the awesomeness we’re talking about here:

Who cares if she wasn’t singing live? She was creating a MOMENT. Whitney didn’t perform her iconic version of the National Anthem live, and as far as I’m concerned, what’s good enough for Whitney is certainly good enough for Beyonce. As great as she was, she is still number two in the all-time Star Spangled Banner hall of fame.

A quick scroll through the comments section of this video proved that I wasn’t the only one cross-checking against history. YouTube user Joyce1830 had the same idea: “Yup…just checking. Whitney did it better, will probably never be topped. Sorry Beyonce you have to take a back seat this time.”

“They should just play this video every time the national anthem is to be played instead of having other people sing it.” -(I’m not even going to print this commenter’s username, it’s gross.)

“They should just play this recording of Whitney at EVERY American ceremony. Nobody can top this.” -BLTKellys

To prove just how much of an American icon Whitney is and ever will be, I scrolled through multiple pages of YouTube comments and could not find a SINGLE offensive or even mildly disparaging remark about her. If you are at all familiar with the degenerative genre of YouTube comments you will recognize the significance of this finding. There were still a (very) few obligatory terrible comments, but they were all negative comparisons of Beyonce’s version to what remains the gold standard of National Anthem performances.

Before I go, I want to leave you with one last video of an iconic National Anthem performance. Congratulations, America, on four more years!


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