The ravings of a jealous lunatic: the inauguration version

So, did everyone have fun sitting at home today, watching the inauguration? Because judging from my extremely quick commute today, nobody else went to work.

I had a pretty busy day and didn’t watch or read any coverage, so when I got home tonight, the first thing I did was read the transcript of Obama’s speech watch Beyonce sing the national anthem. (priorities)

Without getting too political, I’ll say that I like Obama, I voted for him (once), I’m glad he won the second time around (even though I voted for Gary Johnson. What up, Gary), so what I’m about to say isn’t related to who’s in office at any given time. But, I just do not understand why we need to go through the whole inauguration pomp-and-circumstance for re-elected presidents.

It reminds me of those real housewives who hold vow-renewal ceremonies because they want to have another wedding. We get it! You’re married, you love each other, yadda yadda yadda. But you already had one wedding! Stop it! Teresa Guidice… we hear ya – you just want to buy another wedding dress and feel like a princess. But, no. Just say “I love you” to your husband like a NORMAL PERSON.

Anyway, I digress. Reality TV and politics are making me real angry lately, apparently.

I understand that we want to take each four-year commitment seriously, but seriously, do we need all the ceremonies and the balls and whatnot? Can we just cancel that shit and save tens of millions of dollars? I know most of that money is coming from private donors, but still. Are there people in this country who are like, “you know… I could give this million dollar gift to an organization doing something really good in the world, but, ah, screw it! I’d rather spend it on an Usher concert for Sasha and Malia.” (they already met the Jonas Brothers at the 2009 inauguration! How many more concerts do they need? JK love you guys do you need a babysitter?)

Sometimes I just want to become a politician because I’m like, GUYS! I found a way to save $100 million! All we have to do is cut this out of the budget:

Yeah yeah yeah the economy sucks etc etc…. but Katy Perry needs to thrust her decolletage in the face of a bunch of concert attendees at the Kids’ Inaugural Concert. Wait… kids? She’s performing for kids? In that outfit?? I guess Malia’s old enough, but Sasha? No. Not our sweet little baby Sasha. Shield her eyes.

Now, lest you think I’m a raging libertarian, rest assured, I’m not. (although I guess I DID vote for one) I just think we can tone down the Katy Perry, the Usher, the Eva Longoria, the multiple inaugural balls, etc… (unless I were invited to one, and then, I would quickly throw this whole argument out)

But seriously, I guess I’m just not fully clear on why the second inauguration needs to be a big ol’ to-do.

On the other hand…

What do you guys think? Am I missing something here? Or am I just blinded by my hatred of Katy Perry?


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