New Year, New Tunes!

Here at Cult of Clair, we’re starting a new monthly feature called “new month, new tunes!” Or in January’s case, “new year, new tunes!”

(still working on that title, actually…)

Since we both love finding new music (although I, Lauren, often get frustrated and give up and just go back to Elton John’s greatest hits), we thought we’d collectively create a new Spotify playlist each month to share with you guys so you can hear what we’re excited about that month.

There’s a little something for everyone: Bruno Mars and One Direction’s poppy tunes for the teeny boppers, Melody’s Echo Chamber for people who want to spend January lying on their bed staring at the ceiling and contemplating life (just me?), James Vincent McMurrow for those freezing January nights when your SAD kicks in, Electric Guest for when you want to have a little dance party to warm yourself up…

Now you can read AND listen to Cult of Clair, so, enjoy, lovely readers/listeners!


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