Ugh, resolutions. Or, yay, resolutions!

Every January 1, millions of us wake up and decide that THIS YEAR will be THE YEAR! The year we lose weight, get in shape, get organized (whatever that means), spend less, save more, spend more time with our families, etc…

I’ve heard people say that one of the best and worst things about Americans is that we have really short memories, which I think is really true. We forget things so quickly after they happen, which can be both a blessing and a curse. And it’s probably why we have the same damn resolutions every year, because we never actually do them. If your resolution every year is to get in shape, and yet you never actually get in shape, why on earth would you keep making that resolution? Are you an insane person? Why do you continually, year after year, resolve to do the same things that you have proven you will not or cannot do?

On the other hand, it’s a new year and you can be a brand new you, so yeah! Go for it! You can totally be a rockstar fitness freak by December! Yeah! Dream big, for real.

I, personally, like to make a lot of goals every year, because even if I don’t do all of them, I probably end up getting more done than I otherwise would’ve. For instance, last year, I only lost 5 pounds and read 12.5 books (which were way under my goals), but I did get a job I loved, go to the dentist (yes, that was a resolution) and run a race, so, suck it 2012. I sort-of owned you!

So this year, I was trying to decide which resolutions to make, and I read a post on Jon Acuff’s blog about how the unique way he’s doing his 2013 resolutions. And I thought, that’s a fun and different idea, and I enjoy trying new things, so yeah, I’ll do that!

Instead of making year-long goals, he broke the year down into 7 52-day periods, and made 1-2 goals for each of the following areas of his life: financial, physical, social, mental, career, family, spiritual. I thought this was a cool idea, because it doesn’t seem THAT hard to do something for only 52 days. And if it is, well, then I only have to do it for 52 days. At the end of each period, I’ll decide which goals I didn’t like – or that didn’t work – and I’ll throw them out, and I’ll keep any goals I did like. Then, if I hated all the goals and threw them all out, I’ll make a completely new set for the next 52 days.

So, my goals for the first 52 are:


  • Stick to my budget (you don’t want to hear all the details of my budget. just know that I have one and it’s going to suck because I’m trying to be a responsible adult this year)
  • Don’t buy any clothes (not even a tank top on clearance at Target for $3, even though I’ll really want to do this about 8 times)


  • Work out 5 days per week
  • Limit myself to 2 drinks per week (which is probably a normal amount to drink? I was going to try to make January a Drynuary but then I remembered Kalamazoo Beer Week and decided… no.)


  • Return texts and phone calls the same day (for a phone-call hater like myself, this one will be challenging. also, please don’t call me during these 52 days.)


  • Read one book a week (just gonna be honest right now and say I’m definitely going to fail this one BUT I’M GOING TO TRY, STARTING TONIGHT!)


  • Get my inbox down to zero every Friday afternoon
  • Establish goals for the year (yes, my goal is to establish goals…)


  • Still trying to pick a good goal for this category. TBD.


  • Every morning when I wake up, spend time actively trying to listen to God (and trying to figure out exactly what that means) BEFORE I begin my usual morning cycle of email/facebook/twitter/instagram/”ughh what should I google so I don’t have to get out of bed yet”/finally get out of bed

So, that’s it’s for the first 52 days. I feel like these goals are do-able, and yet, not so insane that I’m setting myself up to fail.

What are your resolutions, goals, hopes and dreams for 2013?


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