Get psyched for 2013

Welcome to 2013, everybody! It’s a brand new year for us to explore together, filled with new opportunities and events we can’t predict. Isn’t it exciting to think about the possibilities? Of course, I’ve spent the entire day in pajamas, drinking coffee and watching football and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, so thus far, 2013 is pretty much the same as every Saturday in 2012. But still! It’s a new year, and I set some annual goals this afternoon, so I’m pretty psyched for another year on this crazy planet of ours.

In no particular order, here are 10 things to get excited for in 2013:

1. Celebrity Babies: This time next year, there will be two little six-month-old babies who will already be richer than you’ll ever be. In July, Prince William and Duchess Kate will welcome the future king or queen of England into the world. Around that time, America’s poor-man’s Duchess Kate, Kim Kardashian, will bring a living, breathing human being into the world. So, best of luck to that kid. We don’t know the sex or due date of either baby yet, but we do know that Kate and Kim will be the only faces you’ll see on the cover of People next summer.

2. The return of Girls: Starting on January 13, we’ll see if Lena Dunham and company can keep the magic of the first season of Girls going for their sophomore season. I recently watched the entire first season in two days, so yeah, you could say I’m pretty excited for season two.

3. The Golden Globes: If you’re a sucker for awards shows like I am, your favorite is probably The Golden Globes, because it’s rightfully known as the “fun one.” Probably because they celebrate both movies and television. And because the attendees are drinking the whole time, which makes the speeches near the end of the night pretty spectacular. This year, I am especially excited for the show, which airs live on January 13, because it’ll be hosted by two of my idols, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Although they both have amazing scripted TV shows (30 Rock and Parks & Recreation, respectively, if you’ve been living under a rock), both were stand-outs on SNL so I can’t wait to see them perform live for an evening. I have crazy-high expectations, and I don’t think I’ll be let down.


4. Catching Fire: OK, so we have to wait until November 22 for the second installment of The Hunger Games trilogy to be released in theaters, but at least that gives us something to look forward to in November. The first film in the series was so entertaining, so even though I didn’t love the second book as much as the first, I have high hopes for the movie version.

5. The 2020 Summer Olympics announcement: Yes, I realize 2020 is a long way off, but it takes a freaking long time for the host cities to build a bunch of buildings (which will never be used again) and completely redo their public transit system, so they’re chosen seven years in advance. On September 13, the International Olympic Committee will announce the host city for the 2020 games from one of the three following candidates: Madrid, Tokyo, and Istanbul. Also, if you want to feel old: the future members of the 2020 women’s gymnastics team are currently 8 or 9 years old, meaning this past summer’s Olympic games are probably the first they’ll remember watching.

6. The end of Breaking Bad: I guess I shouldn’t say I’m excited to see this show end because it’s my favorite show on TV right now, but I can’t wait to see how the writers wrap up the story this summer. More shows should take their cue from Breaking Bad and go out while they’re on top.

7. The long-awaited return of Arrested Development: Enough said.

8. The return of Derrick Rose: OK, so this is probably only exciting to you if you’re a Chicago Bulls fan, but my husband reads this blog, so that means at least two readers are pumped about this (including myself). Rose has been out since last year’s playoffs with a torn ACL, but he’s been rehabbing and will make #thereturn in February or March. Expect grown men to cry when he steps back onto the floor.

9. New books: This spring, two of my favorite writers, David Platt and David Sedaris, will release new books. Platt’s book Radical was one of my favorite books I read in 2012, and of course, everything Sedaris writes makes me laugh out loud. And, one of my favorite tweeters, Kelly Oxford, releases her first book, Everything is Perfect when You’re a Liar, in April, so we’ll see if she’s as entertaining in book form as she is in 140-character phrases.

10. Anchorman: The Legend Continues: I know some people hate Anchorman because of how often it’s quoted, but I love Will Ferrell maybe even more than I love Fey & Poehler (maybe…) and think he can do no wrong, so I can’t wait to see this movie on December 21.


3 thoughts on “Get psyched for 2013

  1. I would have switched Gatsby for Catching Fire, but I APPLAUD you for including Arrested Development. You made me proud 🙂

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