On the Occasion of the (Almost) Final #FF

It’s the (second to) last #ff (follow Friday) of the year, so in celebration, we’re counting down the top 10 Twitter accounts of 2012.

The magic of Twitter is, it’s amazing to see how people can manage to make you laugh, reflect or get angry in less than 140 characters. Most people can’t manage to evoke those powerful emotions in a single tweet (thus all the “spending my Saturday at the gym/museum/store/on the couch/etc…” tweets. You know what I’m talking about), so we salute those who are able to do it well – often many times a day.

Our favorite accounts of 2012 are:

Bob Goff – @bobgoff

One of my favorite books of the year was Love Does by Bob Goff, because almost everything he wrote just punched me in the face. In a good way. So it’s no surprise that his Twitter account does the same thing, on the daily. He also would win the award for “Wisest Person on Twitter,” if there were such an award. -LH

Our favorite tweet this year: “It’s Thursday. We can quit trying to fix each other and just be with each other @lovedoes”

Modern Seinfeld – @SeinfeldToday 

I just discovered this account a few days ago, but it’s so hilarious that I’ve read through almost every single past tweet. The writers of this account imagine that Seinfeld’s still on the air, and each tweet is an episode synopsis. -LH

Our favorite tweet this year: “Elaine refuses to recycle in attempt to attract the attention of her cute garbage man. Jerry’s new gf (Julie Bowen) constantly says ‘LOL.'”

Paul Feig – @PaulFeig 

This account is hilarious because, although Paul Feig is a super-successful writer and producer, his tweets make him sound just like goofy Mr. Weir on Freaks & Geeks – a show he happened to create. It took a few weeks to really appreciate his Twitter humor, but once I did, I started laughing out loud at even the silliest thoughts he posted. -LH

Our favorite tweet this year: “Though married for 17 years, I would like my wife Laurie & I to be considered Hollywood’s new super couple & be called Paurie by the press.”

Maria Popova – @brainpicker

So, Maria is a bit of a cheater, because she doesn’t limit herself to 140 characters; instead, she uses her tweets to write a teaser and then link to other articles. But, hey, that’s how she’s chosen to use Twitter, and I applaud her, because she links to some seriously fascinating and thoughtful stuff. If you’re in the mood to learn something new and interesting, she’s your gal. -LH

Our favorite tweet this year: “‘If it is right, it happens — The main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away.’ Steinbeck on love http://t.co/WNfK9Orx

Billy Eichner – @billyeichner

I think every lover of comedy has a “comedy soulmate” – someone who is so hilarious to you that everything they say and do is the most brilliant piece of comedy ever. I have many of these comedy soulmates… but if I had to pick my top CS, it’d definitely be Billy Eichner. If you aren’t watching Billy on the Street (it’s on Fuse, so you’re probably not), you must start immediately. -LH

Our favorite tweet this year: “Dennis Quaid is definitely the best looking person named Dennis.”

Sammy Rhodes – @prodigalsam

Honestly, I’m not even sure who this guy is, but he kept showing up in my friends’ “favorites” sections and making me laugh with his hilarious one-liners, so I started following him and I now look forward to his tweets more than anyone else’s. Bonus: he’s a Christian! -LL

Our favorite tweet this year: “I like my milk like I like my women: WHOLE.”

Fake Grantland – @fakegrantland

I love sports. I love pop culture. I love good, analytical writing. Therefore, I love Grantland, Bill Simmon’s sports/pop culture longform journalism hybrid site. But perhaps the very best thing to come out of Grantland (other than those fake Gmail inboxes) is Fake Grantland, the parody account that generates headlines that are somehow both more and less ridiculous than actual Grantland articles. This is probably the most perfect parody I’ve ever seen. -LL

Our favorite tweet this year: “A Portrait of the Artest as a Young Man: A Joycean take on the Metta-fiction surrounding the Pacers-Pistons brawl of 2004”

Lena Dunham – @lenadunham

Yeah yeah, she’s “the voice of a generation,” or at least “a voice of a generation.” Despite being daughter of a famous artist and now celebrity herself, the creator, writer, director, and star of Girls just constantly nails the whole being-a-20something-in-2012 experience so perfectly. -LL

Our favorite tweet this year: “There are so many things in this life I want and none of them are to be massaged publicly at an airport kiosk”

Jonathan Fitzgerald – @jon_fitzgerald

I have been reading Patrol, Jonathan Fitzgerald’s webzine, for years now, and it consistently offers a unique perspective on looking at pop culture through a Christian lens; he almost always makes me think about something in a way I hadn’t before. Fitzgerald constantly links to great articles, not to mention his own fantastic work for Patrol, HuffPo Religion, and Patheos. -LL

Our favorite tweet this year: “Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers in the #MacysParade, so it’s 1992 and I’m 11? Awesome.”

Longreads – @longreads

Really, life wasn’t meant to be filtered through 140-character chunks. Longreads points to the best long-form journalism happening on the web. Their weekly Top 5 emails are the highlight of my Friday. -LL

Our favorite tweet this year: “Top 5 #Longreads of the Week: @NYTimes@xoJanedotcom @Vice @NewYorker@humanitiesmag @guernicamag + guest@mmpopkey http://lgrd.co/TcTJgJ

And of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without us shamelessly plugging our own accounts, so please follow us @cultofclair, Laura @lmarieleonard and Lauren @laurenhh86.


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