2012’s Best Dressed Famous Ladies

It’s impossible to create a “best dressed” list with any credibility. There are lots of non-famous women around the world who have amazing style, but you know what? They’re not famous, so they’re not on my radar screen. I’m sure there are tons of women walking the streets of Paris (and other thriving metropolises… and likely some rural areas) looking drop-dead gorgeous, but I don’t know who those women are. So, sorry. I’m a slave to people.com.

But what I CAN do is pick the best dressed famous women of the year. And yes, they’re all women, because I find men’s fashion boring. I’M SORRY! I know. It’s terrible. I appreciate a good suit, for sure. But do I want to look at pictures of them all day? No, no I do not.

So here are my top five (famous, easily accessible) best dressed ladies of 2012:

5. Solange Knowles – Who cares if she’s only famous because of her sister? She. is. smokin’:

4. Rooney Mara – I just love that this girl keeps rocking a ponytail on the red carpet, and yet keeps looking so sophisticated and lovely:

3. Charlize Theron – wearing my favorite red carpet dress of 2012:

2. Jennifer Lawrence – wearing my OTHER favorite red carpet dress of 2012:

1. Jessica Biel – Not many women could wear pink on their wedding day and still look amazing. There are only about three wedding photos floating around on the interwebs, but from what I can tell, this dress is perfection:


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