Jimmy Fallon Is Having More Fun Than Anyone

And you can too!

I never cared much about Jimmy Fallon when he was on SNL–he was too broad, too goofy, and he laughed at his own jokes–but gosh darn it if he hasn’t found his true calling as a talk show host. There are hosts who are funnier than Jimmy Fallon. There are hosts who are more experimental than Jimmy Fallon. But absolutely no one is having as much fun as Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy seems to live life like a little kid in awe of the world and the shiny things he sees in it–he clearly finds joy everywhere he goes and to want to bring people in on the fun. Most late night hosts seem like bitter guys who are disillusioned by the world and disgusted by the celebrity culture that makes their show possible. But Jimmy seems to genuinely like people and enjoy life, and rather than use his airtime to toss mean-spirited barbs at struggling starlets, he uses it to host a giant party we’re all invited to.

What really takes all this to the next level is his collaboration with The Roots. I mean what a genius move, enlisting an already-existing band known for its talent and creative vision and somehow convincing them to sit in with him every night as his house band. They aren’t just supporting him; they’re a dynamic part of the show. In fact, almost every single viral hit from Late Night also prominently features The Roots.

Tuesday night’s reinterpretation of “All I Want for Christmas Is You” (with Mariah Carey) is a perfect example:

These are guys who are just having fun making something together. They did the same thing with “Call Me Maybe” and of course there’s the classic “History of Rap” videos. They spoofed Downton Abbey. They even Slow Jammed the News with President Obama, for crying out loud!

I guess what I’m saying is, Jimmy Fallon is having so much fun it’s contagious. If you’re looking for a smile, and really who doesn’t need a smile, look no further than Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (or, like me, their YouTube channel). And then maybe take a page from Jimmy and start enjoying, start making, and start sharing!

Oh, and also this: Jimmy, if there’s anyone who can get Justin to make music again, it’s you. Please, for all of us, just do it.


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