Such a betty.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of outfits and styles that are straight outta the 90s. And that is how you officially know you’re old… when you remember wearing something the first time it was popular. Like, this weekend, I saw these pants at Target. And then I laughed out loud and said, “these are not real,” and walked away.

Xhilaration® Juniors Skinny Floral Denim

Hmm… where have I seen those before? Oh right, I know… here:

Recently, on some of the very serious websites I frequent (super serious… with news and whatnot), I’ve seen pictures of celebrities wearing clothes that legitimately may have actually been made in the 90s. And you know what? They looked amazing. Because you know what? Women in the 90s looked good. I mean,

really, they did.

Don’t agree?

Cindy Crawford begs to differ.

Bam. Can’t argue with that.

Anyway, the 90s are back, and women of 2012 aren’t even really attempting to hide the fact that they’re in full-on 90s mode.

For example, Jennifer Aniston recently wore Brenda and Kelly’s prom dress from 1993.

Hitting the style mark: Jennifer Aniston wore an elegant black and white strapless dress at the 26th American Cinematheque Award Gala honouring Ben Stiller at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on Thursday
Jennifer Aniston at an event… in BEVERLY HILLS (are you kidding me, Jennifer…)

Brenda and Kelly bitch-facing it up. They are not amused, Jennifer.

Or Rihanna, wearing literally the exact dress Cher wore in Clueless almost 20 years ago. 

Let’s see, Rhi-rhi… matching the dress color to the lipstick to the strappy sandles. This is Cher territory.

Floral jeans, big bows, Calvin Klein strappy dresses… which 90s trend will come back next? What do you think, Hillary?


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