You guys. I’m sorry. I have not posted in forever. I just started a new job, plus it’s gorgeous outside and I never want to be inside (unless it’s to watch many, many episodes of Breaking Bad in a row), so, that’s that.

But this week, something earth-shattering happened, and it affected me so deeply that I absolutely had to write something. And no, it’s not about healthcare reform (although, if you care, I am starting my own political party called “This shouldn’t be so complicated” and I’ll be on the ballot in 2024).

Nora Ephron, writer of my two favorite movies of all time, passed away this week.

I just saw this on Slaughterhouse 90210 and it almost made me cry, because I love her and I love that show and it’s all just so sweet and lovely and funny and real:

I’m not really what you would call a movie-loving person, but I swear, I have seen When Harry Met Sally so many times that I’ve lost count. More than any other movie (except maybe Double Jeopardy, but let’s not dwell on that point…).

When Harry Met Sally speaks to me so much. It taught me that it’s OK to be a little neurotic and stubborn and picky. But not to be too neurotic, stubborn and picky. And to let someone else see the most neurotic, stubborn and picky parts about you – but to also be open to letting them change those things.

I think the reason I love this movie is because, at the end of most romcoms, you might think that the ending was really cute but you probably don’t have much confidence in where that romance is ultimately going. (like, don’t you want to see the sequel to “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” called “How to Lose a Husband in 10 Years”? Honestly, I kind of do.)

But in this movie, at the end, you feel confident that these two are perfect for each other. And yes, they’ll disagree about things and have problems and feel discouraged at times… but they love each other and share each other’s values, and you know it’s right. You just know, after Harry goes to see Sally on New Year’s Eve. You know.

(and the vignettes with the old couples! the best!)

I will forever love and respect Nora for writing one of my favorite lines in all cinema history, which I loved so much that we put it on our wedding programs:

Has anyone ever summed up love more beautifully? I submit, no.

Nora, you were the best. This weekend, I will re-watch When Harry Met Sally for the hundredth time, in your honor.


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