Hit Em Up (Coachella) Style

It’s that time of year. The magnolias have bloomed, the sun gets to stay up a little longer past its bedtime, and I spend hours dreaming I could afford to take the time and money to spend my days grooving to live music at the biggest music festivals in the country: SXSW, Bonnaroo, Coachella.

While I cannot, alas, drop everything (work, and more importantly money) to fly to the second weekend of Coachella, I can at the very least partake of these festivals in my own small, secondhand ways. YouTube has been streaming many of the performances live so I can feel almost as much a part of the action as TUPAC (I mean, really?!?). But, perhaps even more fun, and certainly more complicit in my daydreaming, have been the fashion roundups chronicling the very best of festival style. Half the fun of anticipating an event, in my opinion, is planning what to wear. A music festival poses an interesting challenge for the style-conscious: comfort and breathability are of utmost importance, but individuality is also at a premium. Plus, it’s a unique chance to break out that totally crazy thing you’ve never been able to wear before. White boys are wearing Native American headdresses, you can certainly wear that sparkly headband or neon shorts you’ve been wondering if you could pull off.

I am no music festival expert. I went to Lollapalooza once, for one day, two years ago. I did attend Creation Festival every year from 1998-2004, but I don’t think those experiences necessarily translate. I can offer you no tips on what you should or should not wear, should you find yourself at such an event.

But as Coachella heads into its second and final weekend, I offer you some fun pictures of celebrities and mostly-normal people rocking some great style at Coachella’s first weekend. Enjoy!

Grace Potter, frontwoman of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, is rocking the layers like a pro. Mostly, though, I just love her lipstick.


Hats are the quintessential festival accessory. How much is this girl loving her life right now?? Totes jellz.

For me festival style really is all about dresses–note this cute pink number on the left. It looks comfortable, it covers her up, and its vintage style has lots of personality. Plus, cool nails!

Diane Kruger wins at everything, always. I’m not sure I love the idea of heeled boots at a festival, but if you’re only navigating the terrain of VIP tents, and hanging out onstage, I guess they’ll do just fine.
Emma Watson! Paragon of style! Everything about this look is perfection. I don’t think I would ever try the romper thing myself, but she pulls it off.

May I just say how thrilled I am that high-waisted shorts are back in style? Not at all joking.

Lace is always a winner in my book! And hey, look, more boots! Actually, I have these exact boots, and they’re super comfortable.

Maxi dresses are always fun, as long as it’s under 85 degrees, otherwise they’re tenty and gross. But I really love the robe thing she has going on.

A great print dress is my favorite thing in the world. Throw it on and you’re set!

Not a huge fan of the crop top but they seem pretty ubiquitous. I am obsessed with the neckline and armline (??) of the black top, and the idea of sheer pants is…intriguing. Also LOVE the breezy black shorts on the right.

One final picture…Katy, I am not a fan of your music or your persona, but this hair color…this hair color I like.

Well done, ladies!

2 thoughts on “Hit Em Up (Coachella) Style

  1. It was fun to put together. Sometimes I can't think about these things too hard because it makes my heart hurt that I can't be there. But at least it's fun to look at pretty pictures!

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