Playlist: Gettin’ Hitched

Today, I’m listening to a mix I made on Spotify called “Gettin’ Hitched.” And since that’ll probably show up on my Facebook feed, I want to clarify that I don’t just randomly listen to wedding-themed music. Normally. But tonight, I’m going to a wedding, and I get pretty excited about seeing good friends get married, so I wanted to celebrate love and marriage all day long by listening to my favorite wedding-ish songs.

Here’s my “Getting’ Hitched” mix – let me know what I’m missing!

1.       Going to the Chapel – The Dixie Cups (of course)

2.       Let’s Get Married – Jagged Edge (love seeing the bad-boy groups get all sweet and romantic)

3.       I Do – Colbie Callait (current favorite)

4.       Let’s Get Married – Al Green (of course)

5.       Marry Me – St. Vincent

6.       Love and Marriage – Frank Sinatra

7.       White Wedding – Billy Idol

8.       Wedding Day – Rosie Thomas (shout out to Kristin – who had an amazing, beautiful wedding, btw – for introducing me to Rosie)

9.       January Wedding – The Avett Brothers (a favorite of the bride and groom)

10.   Wedding Bell – Beach House

11.   I Do (Cherish You) – 98 Degrees (Am I right, other girls who grew up in the 90s?)

12.   Wedding Day – UB40

13.   Love Like a Sunset Part I – Phoenix (not necessarily a wedding song, but Laura’s list yesterday made me remember how beautiful this song is)

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