Mindless Photos for your Morning

Full disclosure: I’m actually not totally sure what Fashion Week is. From what I’ve learned by looking at fashion blogs this morning, it seems like it’s mostly an excuse for Sarah Jessica Parker to wear an outfit that showcases her bra choice. Sarah, it wasn’t OK when you were on Sex and the City, and it’s certainly not OK now. And now I’ve admitted I watched Sex and the City, and you know far too much about me.

Anyway, Fashion Week. Can I be that person, who (with the anonymity that blogging allows me) says I really don’t get high fashion? I mean, I like beautiful, well-made clothing (not enough to buy it, as you’d see from looking at my closet full of Target items), but I do like it. But some of it is ridiculous.¬†Seriously, go there for a good laugh. It’ll make you wonder if the fashion industry is just one big joke that us common folk don’t get yet, even though they’re making it so hard to continue taking them seriously. Here’s my favorite:

Anyway, the runway stuff is mostly too weird for me, so I prefer to look through the pictures of people who attend these shows. So, below are some of my favorite “on the street” shots from Paris Fashion Week, because apparently if you’re Parisian you are just way more stylish than anyone else in the world:


One thought on “Mindless Photos for your Morning

  1. I love street style, they are definitely the best part of fashion week. I read somewhere that the pressure for those in the fashion industry to be photographed and published by big street style photographers has gotten so great that many of them change up to 6 times a day to maximize their chances of ending up on The Sartorialist. Whatever, their pain is our gain. I ADORE all the colors that first girl is wearing, and I am in love with that blue floral coat with the graphic tote…perfect example of translating something from the runway into real life (I think the coat is Prada? Or Miu Miu?).

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