Killing It

I like to think of myself as someone with pretty great taste in TV shows. Yes, sometimes I watch King of Queens (I like Kevin James. Sue me.), but I also watch Dexter, Homeland, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. AND I legitimately enjoy them. It’s not like when I go see a critically-acclaimed movie and I force myself into thinking it was amazing, but somewhere deep in my subconscious, I just wished it was a Drew Barrymore movie the whole time.
It’s so much easier to have great taste in TV than music or movies, because you basically just watch anything on HBO, FX, Showtime, and AMC, and bam! you have great taste in TV shows. It’s so easy.
Since those channels listed have such consistently good shows, I pretty much try to watch any new TV show on any of them, except The Walking Dead (I KNOW it’s amazing, but… the gore… I just can’t.) and Game of Thrones (I’m staunchly anti-fantasy).
Last year, I tried watching a lot of new shows – Lights Out (awesome, but it was cancelled), Boardwalk Empire (great, but I decided to stop subjecting myself to it after the face-carving incident), and The Killing. 
And The Killing was amazing. I loved it – interesting storyline, engaging mystery, great acting, beautifully shot, based off a European show… If the Europeans did it first then their version was probably better, but the American version will probably be pretty good too (The Office, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Survivor, etc). And there were a lot of people on the bandwagon with me, until the finale, which about 99% of watchers – according to the blogs I read – absolutely hated. And I was like, WHAT?! I thought it was fantastic. The twists and turns kept me hooked the whole time, and I loved that they ended the finale with a huge twist. Was everyone just upset that they used “Who Killed Rosie Larson?” as the season 1 tagline and then never answered that question? I guess that’s fair, but I personally didn’t care. I’m so used to TV shows being so formulaic and predictable, and I didn’t mind having to wait until season 2. So I was so pleased to hear that it’s coming back in less than a month, on April 1. Most AMC lovers are more excited for Mad Men, but honestly, I am actually a little more excited to get back into the rainy mysteryland of The Killing. 
So… watch it. I promise people are never let down by my TV recommendations. And for the record, I have never recommended Basketball Wives to my husband (yes I have).
What about you? Have you ever loved a TV show that nobody else could get on board with?

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