Vacation, All I Ever Wanted!

Recently, Laura and I were talking about writing a post about songs that contain one line that really speaks to us. So I thought, OK – I have to put together a list of really deep, meaningful lyrics that speak to me on all these deep emotional levels.

And yeah, there are plenty of really deep musicians out there who are able to articulate a specific feeling in one perfect, poetic lyric… but there’s also the Go-Go’s, and let’s not forget about them. They sang the words:

Vacation, all I ever wanted
Vacation, had to get away

I love the sweet, simple poetry of these lyrics. Vacation! You’re all I ever wanted, and yes, I HAVE to get away! I do. Thank you, the Go-Go’s. You guys are the best. Is this song about something deeper? I doubt it, but if so, sorry, Go-Go’s!

So, my husband and I just got our tax return, and like the responsible adults we are, we’re blowing the whole thing on vacation. Well, not the WHOLE thing. (Dave Ramsey, if you’re reading this, I’m totally kidding. But also, if you’re reading this, then, go Cult of Clair!) We’ve actually allotted only a portion of the money to vacation, and the rest goes to grown-up boring things (booooooooo).

We both love travel, and are genuinely bummed that we can’t do it more often. So, we’re pretty excited about planning our upcoming trip. One of our goals is to visit every continent before we have children (and I’m pretty sure every time I verbalize this sentiment, I’m jinxing us). We went to Barcelona for our honeymoon (Europe, check!) and obviously reside in North America, so, we’ve got two down and five to go. Except, I guess we aren’t realistically going to go to Antarctica, so I suppose we’ll give ourselves some grace if we can’t swing that one.

Since we love travelling, but have limited funds and basically no preference where we go (as long as it’s out of the U.S.), we’re likely going to end up anywhere Travelzoo has a super cheap deal to. But since I love nothing more than planning vacations that may or may not happen, I want to share my a few places that are on my list. There is no way I could narrow down a list of every single place I want to go, so these are just some of my top picks:

1. The Seychelles (because, google it)
2. Santiago, Chile
3. Australia – All of it. The whole thing. Like, I want to fly in to Sydney, trek across the outback Lost-style, and fly out of Perth
4. Bhutan
5. Istanbul, Turkey
6. Stockholm, Sweden
7. Peru

And for good measure, a few travel planning sites I love: – You can tell it which part of the world you want to visit, your budget, and what types of things you want to do, and it’ll tell you where to go. – A lovely online travel magazine that’s not just about where to go and what to do, but how traveling inspires us.

One thought on “Vacation, All I Ever Wanted!

  1. These are some truly fabulous choices. I would definitely say the first three all seem amazing, right now I'm dreaming of sandals and sundresses so I say GET IT. Just don't be too surprised when you open your suitcase and I get out.

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