Getting Motivated

Someday, I’m going to write a solid post about motivation and passion and taking risks and doing what you love… but for today, somebody’s already written a pretty good post about those things, so I’m just going to direct you there:

So good, so convicting, so true. If you ever find yourself upset that you aren’t living the life you want to live (in any way), this is a must-read. The only thing I’m ehhhh on is “#2, ditch your friends,” because I already have awesome friends who motivate me and there’s nothing wrong with drinking beer or watching 80’s movies in moderation. But, I’m sure she doesn’t mean you should NEVER do those things, unless she does, in which case, I take back my endorsement of her article. I do appreciate her sentiment, though, that it’s so important to evaluate how I’m really spending my time, and cutting things (not necessarily people) out of my life that don’t help me be who I want to be. I consistently find myself getting so frustrated that I’m not making progress on any of my goals – but then I realize how much time I waste flipping channels or aimlessly surfing the internet or doing any number of other random things, so this was a really good, convicting read for me.

On a sidenote, if you are not an activer reader of The Hairpin, you should be. I can’t say objectively whether it resonates with the larger public as well as it does with 20-something women, but you should read it anyway.


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